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ADDvocacy Learning StrADDegies

ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching was founded in 2012 by Keith Gelhorn, CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) as an ADHD coaching and training business.  After being diagnosed with ADHD & anxiety at the age of 34, Keith was put on anti-anxiety & ADHD medication but quickly realized that while pills did help him focus to a point, it did little to change the years of accumulated bad habits. He started the company to help youth and adults as he couldn’t find existing proactive strategies to support him and his challenges. Over the years, his company has worked with hundreds of clients, but Keith has aspirations of working with hundreds of thousands of clients, and the only way to do so is by adding technology.

In 2018, ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching updated their branding to ADDvocacy Learning StrADDegies. They employ certified Learning StrADDegists who provide proactive strADDegies for people aged 16-39 who live with ADHD, learning disabilities, high functioning Autism/Aspergers and co-occurring mental health and executive function challenges. The strADDegists coach the clients through their transition to college, university, trade school or pursuing startups/entrepreneurship using various communication channels.

We are currently developing the ADDvocacy platform where our strADDegists will be able to communicate with students all over the world using video-conferencing (chat, screen sharing, whiteboard), tele-conferencing, SMS/MMS (ADDtext), file sharing and calendar integration (school and personal). They will also provide e-learning opportunities, a blog/vlog filled with strADDegies, live video, and a free monthly online support group, etc.

Our Team

Keith Gelhorn


Alana Tattrie

Senior Learning StrADDegist

Angela Ashe

Learning StrADDegist & Diversity Relations


One-On-One Coaching

Post-Secondary- Career Transitioning – Entrepreneurship

Our goal is to provide accountability and direct support to help clients self-identify their problem areas, ask for and incorporate assistive technology/accommodations to their academic life and develop specific personal strategies through weekly targeted action plans. This has been proven to empower people to confidently build a foundation of skills that will last throughout their academic life and beyond.

Examples of topics we cover are: emotions management, relationship building, time management, organization, daily planning, and advocating for yourself!


Educators: Looking for accommodations and strategies that can be used to help your students reach their full potential?

Support Workers: Working with youth or adults with ADHD or learning disabilities? Learn about ADHD, and behavioral learning challenges.

Students/Employees: Tired of chronic underachievement? Empower yourself by learning about how ADHD and learning disabilities personally impact your success.

Learn first-hand from someone who lives with ADHD, depression and anxiety and has developed effective strategies to successfully manage ADHD challenges and support ADHD strengths. Contact us to discuss topic, audience and availability. Presentations or workshops can be customized for your needs and audience.


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